The Maryland Mentoring Resource Center (MMRC) advances the quality of the local mentoring field by building relationships with new and existing mentoring programs and providing capacity building trainings and technical assistance grounded in evidence-based approaches.


Welcome to the Maryland Mentoring Resource Center


The Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake’s Maryland Mentoring Resource Center (MMRC) serves as the affiliate Mentoring Partnership of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, advancing the local mentoring movement by providing training, technical assistance, resources, andassisting in creating, maintaining, and sustaining quality mentoring programs throughout Maryland.

Through an outcome focused mission, the MMRC is committed to helping children and youth reach their fullest potential through professionally supported mentoring relationships and a broad range of services with quality standards and measurable impact. The MMRC provides opportunities for mentor programs, workplaces, professional associations, and education, government and faith institutions to access training support, technical assistance, and resources needed to provide quality and effective mentoring to youth. Additionally, the MMRC offers workshops to educate mentors on the best practices of mentoring, providing mentors with a greater ability in deepening their mentoring relationships.

The MMRC currently works with over 1000 mentoring programs and mentors throughout Maryland and is actively engaged in expanding its services and supports to enhance the impact that mentors and programs have on children and youth.

About Us

The Maryland Mentoring Resource Center(MMRC) works to support mentors and mentoring programs throughout Maryland.The MMRC unifies and advances the local mentoring movement by focusing its work in four Core Functional Areas:

Mentoring Program Capacity Building - Advancing the quality of the mentoring field in Maryland by building relationships with new and existing programs and provide a range of opportunities (training, technical assistance) to help programs thrive.

Stakeholder Engagement - Engaging a wide variety of public and private stakeholders to increase both the number of volunteer mentors as well as resources for the local mentoring field.

Data Collection - Collecting data on a regular basis to describe the impact of mentoring in the broader community and identify gaps in the range of services needed.

Public Awareness and Advocacy - Expanding Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake's public and private investment in mentoring by positioning mentoring as a key positive youth development strategy and through advocating for supportive mentoring policies. 

MMRC Goals

  • To ensure adequate resources so that no youth , who is in need of and is receptive to a mentor is turned away;
  • To play a significant role in positively affecting the lives of young people by creating a vast network of mentoring resources which create long term impact at the local and state levels;
  • To increase the number and quality of mentoring relationships that attain the highest possible youth outcomes by growing the number and widening the scope of trainings and services;
  • To create meaningful collaborations and partnerships opportunities to effectively combine community resources that avoid overlap of services, promote realistic goals, and increase quality;
  • To be recognized as the local and state mentoring expert through strategic partnerships, creating and delivering cuttings edge research; and
  • To establish MMRC as the one voice, consisting of tens of thousands of individuals, programs, businesses, and partners, which is the leader in crafting social policies that promote best practices in mentoring. This will be achieved through three primary avenues; continued commitment to outcome measurements; unceasing dedication to increasing the quality of all mentoring relationships; and the establishment of a membership based organization that recognizes and delivers a wide array of services to individuals, programs and strategic partners.


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