So many ways to get started

Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering or enrolling your child, Big Brothers Big Sisters at the Y offers several types of programs in communities across the country.

Start a College Grad

67% of former Littles surveyed agree that their Big played a role in their decision to attend college.

Real Life Story

See how we forge strong, long-lasting relationships.
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Start Something Today

Sponsor change in your community.

Big meets Little

Big Brothers Big Sisters at the Y targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty and coping with parental incarceration.  Starting something begins with finding a great match between a Big and a Little. Making these matches, and performing all the background work involved with them, is possible because of donations from people like you. It's also why we're able to offer such a wide variety of programs that pair children, ages 6 through 18, with role models in one-to-one relationships.

Geographic Service

We provide other mentoring services through training, technical assistance, public awareness and advocacy, leadership engagement, research and evaluation, and sector recruitment and partnerships to groups and individuals throughout the Greater Chesapeake of Maryland.

Core Programs

  • Community-Based Mentoring
  • School-Based Mentoring
  • Workplace Mentoring
  • Mentoring Program Partnerships



Unique Direct Service Programs

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Site Mentoring  
  • Mentoring Military Children
  • Amachi Program 


How a Big becomes a Big—and a Little, a Little.

Before we make a match, we do our homework.  After someone expresses an interest in becoming a Big, they go through an extensive background check and careful interview process.  Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities and preferences.  And we provide full support from the start, so matches can grow into lasting, fruitful friendships.  It is also important to note that the entire matching process is made possible through donations—we can’t do what we do best without them!

What’s a Big and Little to do?

Each match is unique.  Getting together doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity—just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy.  For example:
  • Playing catch
  • Reading books
  • Getting ice cream
  • Going to a museum
  • Play board games
  • Providing advice and inspiration

For more information about our programs, contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 410-243-4000, or email

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